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Our Beloveth Genevieve, words alone are not enough to express how exhilarated we are celebrating your 40th Birthday. That’s 40 years of life; of a good life, filled with a plethora of events that only exude praises unto God. Wow! Such a milestone indeed.


We are thankful to God for your Mom and Dad who were pivotal in making this your special moment happen, and also for their selflessness in sharing you with the rest of the world. To Mama and Papa, we say, “Thank You.”


You see, Genevieve, birthday comes yearly, but it’s never taken lightly just for the fact that it comes yearly. You know why? Because time keeps changing. It’s nonconstant. Each second, each minute, hour or day is unique. It was your 39th birthday last year but today, it’s your 40th. Although all are birthdays, they are never the same in so many aspects. You can never be 40 again, but 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100. And each of these years is a unique moment of its own deserving its own moment of praise and thanksgiving.


With this 40th birthday milestone, comes an opportunity for a throwback to life in gratitude to God for what was done, experienced and learned. Birthday looks forward and hopes for the best to come. Birthday creates room for family come together to celebrate life and rejoice over the good and bad times they have gone through in proximity to another. Birthday provides the perfect moment for your heart to be pampered with showers of love and imbued with a sense of belonging, acceptance, and purpose. It’s your 40th birthday, Queen! Your moment on higher clouds! And all of your loved ones, friends, fans and wellwishers are happy for you and wish you a beatific 40th birthday celebration!! 


On this historic moment for someone of an angelic, flawless and genuinely strong public persona, words are hardly enough to thank the Lord for the destiny assigned to you. We are glad, (and this could be an understatement), that you’ve never disappointed. Many lives are changed, inspired, taught, motivated, encouraged, hopeful and have found joy, all because you chose to align yourself with purpose and destiny. What an example!! 


Genevieve, thank you for accepting destiny! Keep being yourself! Keep listening to the voice of God. keep being the role model which you are. Keep staying strong, being sweet, kind, humble and gentle in spirit. These distinctive characteristics, without an iota of doubt, flow from God’s love within you and are enough virtues to accentuate God’s attention and favor upon your life. 


We are wishing you a life full of years of good memories, of good health, of peace and prosperity and of a settled mind. May God never stop surprising you with the good things of life. May heaven tick you, Genevieve Nnaji, for divine elevation and sustain you on that pedestal. May God reserve you for blessings, favor, and nothing but honor. We call it your victory, decree it sealed with the blood of Jesus, and proclaim it sure and secure. You will live as a trophy of grace. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!







Published On The 3rd Of May 2019 @ 00h:32mins


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